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Langenloiser Vincents Spiegel Maischegärung

Grüner Veltliner



Multi-layered aromatic spectre, dried herbs, hey and floral notes, very present, yellow fruit underlined by a hint of earthiness; the palate offers a lively acid-spice-play from the beginning onwards, dense fruit profile of quince and ripe citrus fruit, full mid-palate without being heavy, rather subtle with a fine nuance of meadow herbs, dried hey, persistent structure which stays until the very end…

White wine
Alcohol content
Bottle closure type
Natural cork
Bottle size
38.00 €
50.67 € / liter
Price incl. VAT, plus postage
The Wine
The Vineyard

The name Spiegel likely comes from the Latin word Spectaculum, which means “lookout” or “viewing point”. The vineyard’s height, exposure and, as a result, good aeration, allow for the grapes to be harvested even in late October and early November with generous freshness, structure and density.

Vincent Bründlmayer acquired the Grüner Veltliner vineyard from his family in 2010, and in 2011 he produced his own first wine from that vineyard. Sustainable cultivation and strong yield reduction are conditions required for top wines from the old (rejuvenated) grapevines.


The fermentation was done in a similar fashion as in the production of red wine. The wine macerated with its skins for two weeks in 300ltr barrels of Austrian (Manhartsberg) and French origin. After pressing, the wine rested in barrels until late summer of the following. The extended lees contact lent additional structure and density to the wine. It was subsequently bottled unfiltered and with minimal addition of sulphur dioxide.

Food pairing recommendation

The Veltliner grapes for the "Kamptal DAC Reserve" style show such versatility, fitting to, for example, a range of exotic foods such as curries and wok dishes. Also ideal are typical Austrian specialties like roast pork, duck or liver, and baked dishes as well. As the wine matures, the range of possibilities grows generously. Cheese, casseroles and strong fish dishes are other fine matches.

Ried Langenloiser Spiegel

103 ha
260 – 270 m
1 °

The name of the vineyard „Spiegel“ (mirror) is said to derive from Latin “spectaculum” (“look-out”). In the ancient times of the “Limes”, the Romans probably used the spot to observe the Germanic tribes to the north of the Danube. However, still up to now most of the folks think that the name is linked to the convex vaulting of the 300 meter hill, a kind of “mirror” to the sky.