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Wine Diary

Before Harvest

August 23, 2019

Grapes for Verjus - Testing the scissors

All systems go for harvest 2019! Today we tested our scissors on the Neuberg site (close to Kittmannsberg) while getting grapes for our annual requirement of “Verjus”. This fresh juice (alcohol-free) made from slightly unripe grapes is a true specialty with a long tradition. We love it from a little riper, fruitier grapes than usual, as we mainly use it as a basis for diverse drinks: an easy version would be a non-alcoholic “Spritzer” with soda, mint and lime. Grapes are already quite juicy, although tasting them still challenges the palate.

First 100 berry tests showed really nice ripeness throughout the vineyards: you randomly take some 100 berries from various vines of one vineyard, press and analyze them.

Weather has become warmer again, at least during the day, while the cooler nights will help building flavor. Now we actually are looking forward to the real harvest. We anticipate the start next week with fruit for sparkling base wines.