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Grapester RosaFresh

Pomegranate offers fragrant, dry and intriguing flavours both fruity and vegetal promising an own sensual pleasure. It provides valuable substances for the body and spirit. Fine natural carbon dioxide from our fermenting grapes (a worldwide novity*) create its fresh ‘spritz’ and its pleasing lightness.

*During harvest we recycle our own very fine carbon dioxide, a side product of natural grape fermentation. By means of a patented process we bundle, compress, and filter CO2 for storage in pressurized cylinders. This is a worldwide new approach for growers to enhance sustainability.

The fact that no alcohol or sugars are added also contributes to this ‘innocent’ sparkling pleasure.

Grapester offers "clean-drinking" based on organic verjus and organic grape juice – with no added sugars. A true thirst quencher and a sparkling non-alcoholic alternative wherever champagne or sparkling wines are served.

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