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Compact Information about our Winery

The name of Bründlmayer has become a synonym for absolutely reliable top quality: “Almost every wine, from the lightest Grüner Veltliner to the red wine and the sparkling wine has what it takes to be the best of the vintage in its category.” (Peter Moser, Falstaff, in: “The Ultimate Austrian Wines Guide”)

Vineyards in the best sites around Langenlois are the solid capital. Besides the family relies on the support of a team of selected professionals.

The family vineyards are cultivated sustainably, following the Austrian Programme of Sustainable Agriculture and since 2015 in a biological-organic way, certified by LACON. Considering ecology as a guiding principle, Willi Bründlmayer utilises green cover and natural fertilisers. He is an advocate of the Lyra-training sytem (30%) by which the vine is cut in a Y-shape in two parts just over the ground. This creates two foliage walls, which allow for better light and airing conditions. 

All grapes are hand-picked in small cases of 20 kg. Wines are fermented cool but not cold. The cellar offers all possibilities for regulated winemaking, although Willi Bründlmayer`s goal is certainly not a polished „high tech“ wine. After fermentation in stainless steel tanks, wines mature in wooden casks. Chardonnay and Pinot Gris as well as some reserve type of Grüner Veltliner are fermented in partially new 300 litre barrels made of Manhartsberg oak and also french one.

Among the Grüner, are some stars like the classics “Loiserberg” and “Berg Vogelsang” or Alte Reben the incredibly opulent, yet with finesse vinified Veltliners from the top single vineyards Lamm and Käferberg. Among the Rieslings, the fruity Steinmassel competes every year with the noble and somewhat more elegantly structured Heiligenstein. The „Alte Reben“ (old vines) and “LYRA” of the Heiligenstein embody terroir and concentration.

Willi Bründlmayer gained international reputation in the late 80-ies through his Chardonnay, vinified small oak barrels. It represents a combination of Austrian fruitiness with international style. Also the culinary „Langenloiser Spiegel“, a blend of Pinot gris (Ruländer) and Pinot Blanc, is popular in its balanced and noble way as an ideal companion to food.

Among the red wines the Pinot Noir Dechant is the most famous in Austria’s Restaurant scene, particularly since Willi Bründlmayer is one of the more experienced producers of this difficult variety in Austria. Approximately 5 –15 % Merlot supplement this wine optimally. However, the „Cuvee Cécile“ is made of hundred percent Pinot Noir, matured in 300 litre barrels.

Supplementing the Bründlmayer collection is a bottle fermented “Bründlmayer Brut”, which set new standards in Austrian Sekt culture, a delicate marc and a barrel aged wine brandy.

Willi Bründlmayer has become a leading figure in the domestic wine scene and an Austrian Outpost in the international wine battle field. Tim Atkin MW added him to the 10 movers and shakers of the “Austrian wine wonder”. At the turn of the millennium, the magazine Decanter chose him a member of the splendid group of 50 people worldwide to change the faces of wine within the following decades. He is member of the Academie International du Vin.

Acreage under vine: 75 hectares
Production about 30 000 cases
Average yield: 4000 l/hectare


  • 33% Grüner Veltliner (Lamm, Käferberg, Berg Vogelsang, Loiserberg, Spiegel)
  • 25% Riesling (Heiligenstein, Steinmassl)
  • 12% Pinot Noir (Dechant, Käferberg)
  • 7% Zweigelt
  • 7% St. Laurent (Ladner)
  • 6% Chardonnay
  • 5% Pinot Gris (Spiegel)

The rest is Pinot Blanc, Cabernet, Merlot and Muskateller.