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Extra Brut Reserve

Every year, Austria’s renowned Wine expert Dr Viktor Siegl edits his book “The Best Wines of Austria”. This is an annual synopsis of the most important wine challenges and press reviews on Austria’s finest wines. His few “Tipps des Jahres” (engl. ‘Suggestions of the Year’) highlight the ‘best of the best’ of each category.

Bründlmayer Extra Brut Reserve has been put on top of his Austrian Sparkling Wine collection 2023.


Bründlmayer Extra Brut

Sekt Austria Reserve

Almond and hazelnut-tinged, honeysuckle and heliotrope-garlanded apple and quince inform the nose as well as a subtly creamy, silken and clearly lees-enriched yet delicate palate. Piquancy of apple pip adds to the stimulation administered by a long finish.

David Schildknecht, Robert Parkers "The Wine Advocate"
Extra Brut
Alcohol content
Bottle closure type
Natural cork


Anne Krebiehl, Wine Enthusiast, 03/2019

Food pairing recommendation

Sekt with food? And how ! When it comes to celebrating with sparkling wine, it is often forgotten just how wonderful it can be with food – until the beauty of Bründlmayer Brut together with a wide variety of dishes is experienced !

Such as at the beginning of a fest or reception, when the most diverse amuse-bouches are offered. Whether oysters, tapas, antipasti, shrimp spears, salmon tartar, cocktail breads or any other imaginable appetizer - sparkling wine has barely received praise for how beautifully it complements and refines these small refreshments.

The true sparkling wine lover always comes back to a Bründlmayer Brut for a fine evening: fish, poultry and light or cooked meats and nearly any exotic dish are perfect with a glass of sekt. Its pearly freshness wonderfully complements desserts as well. And its versatility shines even more with an array of cheeses.

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Extra Brut Reserve

6 x Extra Brut Reserve