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Our older vintages

Gelber Muskateller


Clear, bright straw yellow hue with delicate green reflections; a purely clean scent of elderflowers, citrus, nutmeg and hay blossoms. A gentle first sip shows gooseberries and a dry, fresh and incredibly juicy character. Still very youthful with perfectly integrated acidity; elegant and very dense, incredibly ripe - but not overripe – fruit with, again, citrus and elderflower notes, along with white currant (blossom nectar). Enormous length also reflecting the fruity taste with a hint of gooseberries plus green tea and lemongrass and a spicy-mineral finale. From start to finish, a perfect example of the mature Yellow Muscat from our region.

Viktor Siegl

The Muskateller (Muscat) grape variety was traditionally very popular in the Kamptal in the last few centuries, especially in order to lend liveliness and fragrance, along with its fine flavour, to the old “Gemischten Satz” - the field mix of grape varieties planted and harvested together. But it was also very popular as a delicious table grape. 

This variety was planted fresh again at the Bründlmayer estate in 1997 after a break for a few decades. The small planted areas are in the Steinmassel, Spiegel and Sauberg vineyard sites. In 2015, there were 100% healthy grapes picked on October 22nd, with the occasional smattering of botrytis grapes removed.

Grape variety
Muscat Blanc
Harvest yield
2,500 l / ha
Vine training system
Date of harvest
October 22, 2015
Alcohol content
Bottle closure type
Screw cap


After a short maceration, the grapes were gently pressed and fermented in small (1200 – 2500 ltr) stainless steel tanks at 17-20 °C.

Food pairing recommendation

The Gelber Muskateller is a very versatile food companion, fitting to, for example, a range of exotic dishes, seafood, curries, wok dishes, and to typical Austrian specialties as well - such as baked foods, roast pork, duck and liver. It also marries well with cheeses, casseroles or robust fish dishes. After an intense culinary evening, the wine also makes an ideal after-dinner refreshment wine, served cool.