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Wine Diary

Beginning of harvest 2012 with base wines for Brut and Brut Rosé

September 10, 2012

Here we go…

These brilliant early Autumn days put us in good humor! We just began harvesting grapes for Bründlmayer Brut and Brut Rosé.
In order to make the right base wine for the sparkling wines, it is important to harvest at the right time. Grapes have to be ripe enough to show fruit; however, they must also keep their freshness and should not contain too much sugar. Grapes with high sugar levels will result in a wine with higher alcohol. We walk a fine line. Acidity must be fresh, yet not aggressive – fruit should be ripe without leading to heavy wines.
This year’s grapes are healthy and already taste excellent. The weather outlook is good. Soils are dry, so a little rain for a day or two would be no problem. After which, we would wish for more sunny days and cool nights, thus enhancing fruit with splendid aromas.

Fine wine quality is built on perfect, hand-picked grapes, handled with the utmost care. Each bunch on our vines is selectively harvested and gently put into small baskets in order to avoid early crushing and to get the grapes to the cellar in the best shape. There they are not crushed before pressing, and no pumping is involved before or after pressing. Gravity is used to transfer the must and juice.
Pressing is a slightly misleading term for what is done to the grapes after picking. Quality juice results from a very light pressure. At the beginning, the juice will slowly trickle out. The final force might be equivalent to the stamping of feet or a firm handshake. By keeping the pressure low, we ensure that unripe berries will not be crushed and will be removed with the pomace that finds it way back into the vineyards. Our own organic fertilizer.