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Wine Diary

Bud Break and Finally Rain

May 3, 2019

A warm and dry spring led to an early budbreak. However, then, due to dry weather, growth slowed.

It is a fascinating spectacle: young growth! At first one just sees the tips of the young shoots, while the rest is still hidden in the protective wool. Then, slowly, the leaves begin to unfold, and finally tiny grapes can be observed on some shoots, giving us hope for a new harvest.

At the same time, there is need for further care: just as the gardener is separating or thinning out young clusters of saplings, giving the remaining plants more space to develop, the grower has to pluck off excessive sprouts, so that in the end each vine would not send more than 10 shoots into the air. While competing for the best positions in the sun, the vines should not shadow each other too much. Too dense of a canopy would favor fungal diseases and lead to poor fruit quality.

Concerning green cover, we always have to solve an inner conflict as if we had “two souls in our chest.” One is saying: “Please let the green cover blossom, intensive root penetration is great for the soil; bees and our honey will profit from each flower!” The other thinks: “Mow the greening instantly and minimize risk of frost!” Well, we look for a compromise in this conflict of interest: areas prone to frost will certainly be mowed, however, part of our sites will continue to show the magnificence of spring blossoming!

Over the weekend we will have some cooler, rainy days. Fine with us! Clouds, rain, yes even snow are welcome as long as it is not hail or frost! We now really feel the benefit of precipitation to our vineyards and to all the nature around Langenlois