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Wine Diary

Main harvest begins

October 7, 2013

Throughout September and into the first days of October we have managed to bring home wonderful grapes for our sparkling wines.
From now on, let the main harvest begin! First come the young vines, which should be freed from their load of grapes, so that the vines still may store some reserves before winter comes. Next we might proceed with Grauburgunder (pinot gris) grapes, which are already quite mature. The resulting "Langenloiser Spiegel" should show perfect balance and not get too heavy. It is difficult to get the right balance - the wine may certainly be full of character, however overly heavy and powerful would then be too much. Also we shall soon harvest grapes for our light and elegant rosé wine.

Generally speaking, ripeness is good and higher in comparison to 2008 or 2010 because of a smaller yield and a healthy canopy. Only some lower situated vineyards have suffered from an early frost. In these vineyards we can begin to harvest immediately. More waiting will not be rewarded by nature as the leaves have frozen and stopped their work for the grapes. The higher situated vineyards still look great, and their grapes already show wonderful flavors.

Willi Bründlmayer