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Wine Diary

The harvest begins

September 27, 2010

Brut Rosé is the aperitif

During the glorious week up to Friday, 24 September, our harvesters were very busy, bringing in the grapes for our Bründlmayer Brut and Brut Rosé.

Wonderful grapes in all colours of the rainbow are hanging in the vineyards, particularly the Pinot gris is beautiful.

50% of these grapes were harvested for the sekt base wine, the rest will remain on the vines. For our sekt, the base wine should be light and fresh. Grapes allowed to stay in the vine for longer will become richer, more rounded and more complex in taste.

For most wines, the grapes must reach their full maturity, which means a longer period before harvesting. Only for the sekt base wines the grapes are harvested earlier, as the base wine must retain its lightness and freshness – for outstanding qualities, a period of bottle maturation is required.

The 2010 harvest promises good qualities only for those winemakers who have worked carefully and thoroughly throughout the year and who are willing to harvest selectively and by hand.

The planting of herbs in some of the rows between the vines is also important: the plants absorb excess moisture from the soil and will eventually become natural fertilizers.

Now it is imperative that the remaining bunches of grapes are freed from foliage so that the air can circulate around them and the bunches dry off as quickly as possible after every shower.