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Site, Origin & Climate

Ried Spiegel (Langenlois)

The vineyard site

Ried Spiegel (Langenlois)

The name of the vineyard „Spiegel“ (mirror) is said to derive from Latin “spectaculum” (“look-out”). In the ancient times of the “Limes”, the Romans probably used the spot to observe the Germanic tribes to the north of the Danube. However, still up to now most of the folks think that the name is linked to the convex vaulting of the 300 meter hill, a kind of “mirror” to the sky.

103 ha
260 – 270 m
Grape varieties
Grüner Veltliner
1 °

The soil

The vineyards occupy an elongate ridge in the south of Langenlois. The deep, calcareous soils here are derived from a thick underlying layer of loess with a balanced mineral composition. Occasional thin layers of sandy gravels and palaeosols indicate different climatic phases during the deposition of the loess.

0.012 – 0.65 million years
0.012 – 0.65 million years
0.012 – 0.65 million years