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Our older vintages

Langenloiser Dechant

Blauer Burgunder


Spicy hints of parsnips and anise in the nose, also detectable aromas of raspberries, simultaneously cool and engaging; juvenile and straight forward on the palate, bunch of red berries underlined by roasted flavors, soft texture, well-structured and balanced, elegant and lasting finish.

The vines for this wine grow on chalky loess and clay soils on the southeastern terraced slope of the single vineyard Dechant. (that is the German equivalent of “Dean” – the vineyard of the priest was of course meant to be something special). In the more elevated sites, the soil is interspersed with decomposing primary rock.

Grape variety
Pinot Noir
Harvest yield
3,500 l / ha
Vine training system
Date of harvest
October 6–7, 2014
Alcohol content
Bottle closure type
Natural cork

Site and climate

Ried Dechant

26.8 ha
265 – 320 m
6 °

The southeast facing terraces of Langenloiser Dechant are quickly warmed by the gentle rays of the early morning sun.

The 2014 vintage
It is not easy to sum up the dramatic vintage 2014 in just a few words: a warm winter, a dry spring, lots of rain in May and even more during the summer, some hail – though this time it missed our vineyards, a perfect blossoming leading to advanced vegetation, then followed a hot June, before it got cool and stayed wet until far into September. Throughout these days we had to watch carefully and ceaselessly over the health of the soils, plants and fruit. It was not enough to just do your work in the vineyards as usual. The precise moment, where, how and when each step was done proved to be crucial. The slightest negligence, for...


A traditional vinification includes one and a half weeks maceration followed by maturation in 2 to 3 years old 300 liters Austrian oak barrels.

Food pairing recommendation

Grilled meats including game, duck and goose as well as all sorts of roast or braised meats, fresh cheeses etc.