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Achieving Quality, Step by Step

May 22, 2017

Only grapes treated with great care during the entire year will be fully healthy and ripe in the autumn.

On the one hand, we have to give the grapes everything they need, on the other hand they need a fairly extreme climate range to develop well. Only when they suffer heat and cold, rain and dryness will they develop the characteristics we prize so highly – and we are there make sure that our care makes the hardships of life as a grape bearable.

Every season offers possibilities of working on and influencing the character of the wine. The wine maker can always intervene in the development of the vines in a careful and considered manner, from cutting during the winter to the thinning out of foliage during the year and finally by choosing the right harvest time, when the grapes are just right.

We would like to invite you to follow the annual circle of work in the vineyard together with us.