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May 22, 2017

Useful predators

We use the days of winter rest to hang special felt strips into the young vineyards. The felt contains predatory mites in all stages of development. With the first warmer days and nights these small arachnids will populate the old wood of the stems where they have good chances to survive the following  winter. Predatory mites are natural enemies of spider mites, grape leaf rust mites, thrips and aphids. By maintaining a natural balance we avoid epidemies without having to use chemical insecticides.

Nurture and repair

It is important to carefully use the time before the growing season, to prepair all vineyards for the coming period. This includes maintaining all supportive constructions such as trellies, posts and sticks, as well as irrigation tubes and hail protection nets.

We also prepare and prove our natural fertilizers containing biological pomace, horse dung and cow manure which we kept composting for a year near the vineyards.

Healthy lively soils

Organic fertilizers nurture soil dwelling organisms (like earthworms, that will help loosening the ground) and give the basic material for a permanent humus soil. Fertilizing does not only nurture the grape plant itself but also mobilizes bound nutrients. Thus, in our beautiful Kamptal vineyards supported by favorable climatic conditions we manage to prepare the right soil for healthy vines & grapes and finally highest wine quality!