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Wine Diary

2012 – all is well and good so far

November 30, 2012

After a cool winter we were happy to see an early sprouting, promising a long vegetation period and therefore good ripeness. Then many of us were shocked by the late spring frost. Fortunately we got away with minimal losses.
Summer was warm and perhaps not as dry as the year before, accelerating ripeness and permitting an early start to the harvest. Weather in autumn was very favorable with warm and sunny days and cool nights that often seem responsible for a special aromatic expression in the grapes. Tiny amounts of rain were easily consumed by the otherwise dry soil and might have enhanced quality instead of putting a danger to the health of the fruit. Yes, it seems somehow comparable to 2011, cooler than in 2000 or 2003 and warmer than 2001, 2004, 2008 or 2010. 

Sparkling base wines showed lightness and finesse, the first easier young wines had good extraction and boast of fruit and freshness. However, it seems to us a year of great white Kamptal Reserves and wonderful red wines.