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Wine Diary

Vintage 2013

December 21, 2013

The long winter and rainy spring provided optimal soil moisture for the 2013 vintage, ensuring freshness and flavour, while the sunny, warm summer provided ripeness and sweetness.

A beautiful beginning of September with warm days and cool nights shaped the typical fruit aromas - and lured us into the vineyards to harvest the first grapes so perfect for the base wine for Sekt (sparkling wine). This was thrilling, especially because in the very warm 2011 and 2012 vintages, only a small share of grapes were suitable for the highest quality Sekt.

Afterwards, the weather conditions from the West created a "stop and go" mode, which, needless to say, strained the nerves. In the middle of October, the weather stabilised and brought – along with a breath of relaxation - perfect light wines and classic wines.

The warm weather during the last days of October, with high humidity, was worrying: the botrytis fungus threatened to attack part of the remaining harvest. So the picking teams used every possible hour to bring what turned out to be dry, delicious grapes to the cellar.

Magnificent harvest days in November were the reward for waiting in the top vineyards, but of course the highest concentration and care was necessary in order to ensure, along with noble ripeness, the purity of the wines.
The entire harvest was carried out exclusively through selective hand picking. Multiple pickings – such as on the Heiligenstein - and the additional work on the sorting belt delivered, literally, the best of the grapes. The harvest lasted well into December with outstanding noble sweet quality wines as the prize.