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Wine Diary

Breaks of sunshine & wonderful grapes!

October 8, 2014

The weather has settled now, shifting between sunshine and mist. Last week we picked our Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), and for three sunny days we have been harvesting gorgeous, ripe and healthy Pinot Noir!

Grapes are selected and sorted by hand at four separate stages:

During preharvest, the later flowering and therefore lesser ripe grapes have been picked with perfect parameters for Sekt base wine. Now the vines direct energy from the last sunny days into the few remaining bunches.

During the main harvest our workers cut off compromised parts of the bunches such as botrytised berries by using sharp pruning shears. Whole bunches make their way into the cellar in small 25 kg cases.

Before destemming, the content of the cases is poured carefully onto a first sorting belt, where our specially trained staff allow only healthy looking fruit to remain.

After de-stemming, the berries fall onto a second selection table where any remaining stems and last elements of unripe or overripe fruit are sorted out before the material is transferred into the fermentation vats.

Confidence is increasing at Bründlmayer's that the 2014 vintage will bring fine wines!
St. Laurent is soon to come in, and next week it will be time for our top Zweigelt grapes –Thank god, finally, also the first Rieslings and some classic Grüner Veltliners look promising.