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Wine Diary

Burgundy Weekend

September 11, 2018

After the rain break, the whole weekend through we were busy picking Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris on Langenloiser Spiegel directly followed by the Chardonnays of the upper Käferberg, which had to undergo the same meticulous selection.

Selective hand picking takes a lot of time, and so it is an inestimable advantage, if one possesses enough cool space – where all the neatly stacked 25 kg cases can wait, while being protected from late summer heat and premature fermentation, until the last grapes of a parcel arrive. Then they all are sent case-by-case into the destined pneumatic press. This process runs even more gently than a traditional harvest into “Butten” (wooden grape crates/containers, that the workers used to carry on their back). Careful application of modern technology in this cases can even improve traditional quality harvest, whereas careful hand harvesting is still irreplaceable – wine lovers will always feel the difference, and even more so in the 2018 vintage.

Now we will be focusing on the Riesling grapes. No matter if they grow on the cooler Steinmassl or on the warmer Heiligenstein, we will have to observe their development with the utmost attention. Like the Burgundian varietals, Riesling has reacted quite sensitively to last week’s rain showers. However, the last 100 berry samples out of those two sites give us hope: their juices tasted incredibly expressive.

Latest News from the cellar: Pinot Noir from “Dechant” has kindly started fermenting spontaneously and is already happily sparkling along.