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Wine Diary

Golden Autumn, Muskateller and a free Sunday in Sight

October 11, 2019

With the weather on our side, we have been getting in the finest Riesling grapes from Heiligenstein. Grapes from LYRA trellised vines and of the most precious parcels of the oldest vineyards are still allowed to hang a little longer; only a few dashes of rain during a cooler period, which didn’t do any harm. Now, sun and wind are advancing a healthy maturity. Stems are still robust and the bunches do hardly risk to fall to the ground in case of stronger winds. 

Yesterday there was another highlight! A nice quantity of perfectly preselected, aromatic Muskateller from “Rosenhügel”(rose hill) was delivered. Also our most experienced people were truly impressed and commented that on Rosenhügel, they had never before picked as fine a Muskateller as this one. Now, we will try to prove ourselves worthy of this excellent quality and handle it correspondingly. This much we can reveal: Part of the bunches went through the destemmer and then, on the grape selection belt, were sorted by hand from whatsoever little remains of stems and faulty berries remained. Thus those grapes are ideally prepared for a special vinification.

The atmosphere is excellent. Understandably, one observes a certain fatigue after all those days, but animated by the favorable conditions our crowd seems still to enjoy work, even more so, as there is a free Sunday in sight. All more than deserve it! However until then we continue working with utmost concentration, as we constantly receive Grüner and Riesling of impressive aromatic diversity from and for our “Kamptal Terrassen.”

After Harvest = Before Harvest

Autumn Green with direct sowing

Slowly the end of harvest is in sight! Before finally leaving an already picked vineyard to its winter rest, a lot still has to be done. Mostly in the evening, when the day is done, our experts fiddle about the best seeding blends for each soil type. It seems most thrilling and even relaxing to Christoph and his colleagues to fine tune the sowing according to each soil structure and surface condition: “Lamm needs something totally different as, for example, Käferberg.”

We are very foind indeed of our new direct sowing machine! Different seedings can be gently brought on or under the surface, without tilling the soil. Thus already in Autumn a perennial green can be produced, which will care for a splendorous flowering in spring. Apropos flowering: Our bees have made a little excursion from Loiserberg to Steinmassl…More from them next time!