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Wine Diary

Harvest Finishes with Grüner Veltliner

October 31, 2017

At the very end of harvest we brought in carefully selected Grüner Veltliner grapes from 20 years old plants. The vineyard is still too young to give perfect reserve level wine. However those grapes tasted extremely fine, and they will be an outstanding complement to our Kamptal Terrassen blend.

Time now to breathe and look back with satisfaction upon this wine year 2017:

This time, thankfully, we were only marginally affected by late frosts in spring and hail showers during the vegetation period. Best flowering conditions in June gave reason to hope for good ripeness in autumn.

Summer was hot, and some vineyards showed dry stress, especially the younger ones on the rocky hills to the west. Irrigation helped to cope with the heat.

Several regional thunder showers in August were very welcome and finally provided relief. The chances of best quality grapes also were preserved by meticulous “green & ground work” (i.e. thinning out, green harvest, turning soils, care for ground cover, etc. See our piece on “Tending the Vine”).

When Autumn came with more showers, ripeness had already accelerated and we could easily harvest magnificent and pure grapes for Sekt base wine.

Then additional rain showers slowed down harvest in many vineyards because the demands on selective harvesting were increasing week by week. However, the wind, as well as longer sunny phases gave us opportunities again and again to bring in healthy and tasty grapes of all varietals and sites! Thanks to our great vineyard and cellar team, we are looking forward to the results of this vintage with confidence. Initial samples taken in the cellar impress with harmony and charming fruit. After a cool and racy 2016, the vintage 2017 will be a most welcome complement!