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Wine Diary

Rolling and Muching

June 1, 2021

After the coolest spring in many decades and coinciding with the beginning of the meteorological summer, it is finally getting warmer! May brought the desired precipitation, which favoured the thriving of our autumn seedings. Grass, clover, rye, and other legumes have grown really high.

Now this abundance has to be cultivated. On Steinberg, we are currently rolling each second row with our new blade roller (cutting roll): High standing green is brought to the ground, without cutting it off and without harming the root system. Thus, the soils will not dry out as easily and are protected from erosion. In the next row we will mulch the soil, mowing and shredding the grass and making its nutrients available again to the topsoil. However, the ground near the trunks must be kept open on the surface as the tall greenery would be a fervent competitor to the vine roots, and its humidity could favour infections.

We will still have to wait a bit for the next honey harvest. Flying conditions have improved. In a few weeks we will be able to take away honey without stressing our hives too much.