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Wine Diary

So far, so good!

September 15, 2017

We now have finished harvest of Sekt base wines with very nice qualities. The final lot: a Chardonnay that should have all potential for a “Blanc de blancs”.

Two times this week (thank god, yesterday it started late in the afternoon) rain showers made us interrupt harvesting during the day. However, strong winds, cool nights and some sunny morning hours let the vineyards dry off quickly and kept delays within tolerable limits.

By now, the fresh and healthy Grauburgunder (Pinot gris) of the Spiegel vineyard has been brought in. We also work simultaneously on Zweigelt grapes for Rosé and Grüner Veltiners for the classic table wines. We are also very pleased about a first lot of fully ripe and most delicious Pinot Noir grapes from Dechant vineyard already on the skins in the fermentation vat.

Today, we have dreamlike conditions for harvesting! The mixed weather forecast will not trouble our good mood. We are accustomed to selective picking. This appears to be the case for the later Riesling sites.
Most of the thin-skinned varietals have already been brought in. The Grüner Veltliners can stand some more bad weather. The red varieties too should mature a bit longer in order to finally meet the high expectations of this warm and sunny year.