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Wine Diary

Winter Rest

January 12, 2024

The plant rests, the vintner works

Winter has arrived in the vineyards around Langenlois. Last, scattered grapes have found grateful enthusiasts among the birds, wildlife, and curious hikers. The cool temperatures of the first days of January now promote winter dormancy of the vines. After the holidays, we now start with pruning. With this first profound measure, we are already decisively shaping the character of future wines. "Should we prune longer," then more buds remain on the fruit shoots, and we obtain a slightly higher yield of mostly lighter wines. Fewer grapes per vine enhance ripeness and concentration, always keeping an eye on the right balance. The grapevine should be challenged and nurtured in its vitality, yet not overloaded.

Through pruning, we guide the plant in our interest with the utmost consideration for its nature and needs. Gentle pruning attempts to avoid large wounds whenever possible, as they could later invite diseases. Along the often twisted stems, the winemaker, with a trained eye, follows the flow of sap to the shoots that are best supplied by it. From these, one selects the future fruiting wood.

The cut vines are shredded and reintegrated into the soil to promote fertility. They also provide nutrients and habitat for small organisms.

Meanwhile, a charming messenger of the new vintage has already left the cellar. Our Grüner Veltliner Light & Dry 2023 brings a hint of spring into the Langenlois winter world. In its lightweight composition, it already embodies the character of the 2023 vintage: especially balanced, juicy wines with pleasant freshness and astonishing depth.

pruning at sunrise