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Ried Steinmassel Riesling Auslese


Hints of laurel, elderberry- lemon-blossom, first silky, then super fresh firm and spicy; hints of peach, fresh apricot, honey and elderberry flowers, some dry fruit and hay, subtle and many-layered and showing an intriguing “Fruchtspiel” between sweetness and acidity, it tastes “Riesling” and somehow the Steinmassel soil, the part of very clean botrytis does not cover the varietal character and terroir totally, a sense of pace and time is kept in the very young wine. Great protential.

The vines are partially trained in the Lyre-system. The vine bifurcates in a way that the branches seem to reach to the heavens like sun-worshippers. This method doubles canopy exposure and favors aeration which improves photosynthesis and prevents dreaded fungus diseases.

Grape variety
Vine training systems
Guyot, Lyre
Date of harvest
November 2013
Alcohol content
Bottle closure type
Natural cork
Drinking temperature
10 – 12°


19 / 20
Gault&Millau Wein Guide 2015
Falstaff Wein Guide 2014/2015

Site and climate

Ried Steinmassl

48.8 ha
240 – 340 m
4 °

The vineyards of Langenloiser Steinmassl are located on a ridge that ranges from 340 meters above sea level in the south-southeast to 240 meters in the north-northwest, with a broad shoulder extending out towards the southwest.

The 2013 vintage
The long winter and rainy spring provided optimal soil moisture for the 2013 vintage, ensuring freshness and flavour, while the sunny, warm summer provided ripeness and sweetness. A beautiful beginning of September with warm days and cool nights shaped the typical fruit aromas - and lured us into the vineyards to harvest the first grapes so perfect for the base wine for Sekt (sparkling wine). This was thrilling, especially because in the very warm 2011 and 2012 vintages, only a small share of grapes were suitable for the highest quality Sekt. Afterwards, the weather conditions from the West created a "stop and go" mode, which, needless to...


In 2013 we had left a small quantity of partly shrivelled Riesling grapes on the vines until end of November. Each grape was then selectively picked before being pressed very long and gently. The must was given about 12 hours for sedimentation then wracked, gently filtered and fermented and matured in steel tank for some months before filling summer.

Food pairing recommendation

A dessert wine of course but very fresh and elegant, the more it ripens it will harmonize with classic starters such as braised goose or duck liver, fresh goat cheeses, and all sorts of fruit-cakes, -tartes or -dumplings.