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Wine Diary

After Flowering 2023

July 6, 2023

Flowering was complete in Kamptal by the end of June, some 10 days later than in 2022 and around the same time as in 2010.  

We are quite pleased with the results so far! All had started off very well and speedy until a hot week inhibited the fertilization process in some vineyards. Millerandage is an ambiguous event to the grower: it reduces the yield significantly on the one hand, while on the other hand loose bunches mean better aeration and cleaner, healthier fruit. Also we can skip some thinning out or cutting off part of the clusters in some of the vineyards, as nature has already done the yield reduction for us. However, more work has to be done after flowering to maintain a chance for the utmost quality. For instance, we have to blow away all florescence/flower caps, which might get stuck between the young berries and the panicles. These residues rich in proteins might favour fungal diseases like Botrytis and ruin the clusters.