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Wine Diary

The Joy Of Budbreak

May 10, 2023

Budding has started by now all over in our Kamptal vineyards! A bit later than the years before, though chances are good that the delay might be compensated until flowering. Welcome rainfalls are helping the roots to take in the soil's natural nutrients made available also via active micro-organisms and sufficient humidity. The young shoots have broken up their protective cocoons and developed their first leaves and fruit sets with fascinating speed! Even this rather cool May weather is hardly retaining the tempestuous growth of the young vines who rise towards the light with all their strength. By pruning and binding we have already set first attempts to manage the organization of the later canopy. Soon it will be time for further measures: all too wild growth will have to be tamed and framed.

There is blooming and blossoming also between the vines these days, much to the delight of the many people who visited our vineyards and cellar this past wee-end for the “Tour de Vin 2023”. They all were very welcome!