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Wine Diary

Flowering 2023

June 12, 2023

Over the weekend flowering has slowly started in some vineyards of Kamptal, about at the same time as in 2021 and some two weeks later as in the earliest year of our records 2018! So, we find ourselves within a 10 year average. Though, comparing the last five decades on our blossoming statistics, we find a sign of the continuous climate warming by the earlier start of flowering of approximately 10 days in the last decade. 

The many little flowers on the clusters are inconspicuous as is their scent, hardly noticeable outside the vineyards. However, walking between the vines we feel its enchanting intensity. 

The humid and changeable weather conditions over the past weeks have calmed down a bit for now.

For us growers it is always a thrill to observe course of blossoming. Depending on wind and weather it may last from only a few days up to three weeks. From then on, we may get a closer look on what will be vintage 2023. For instance, it will be 3 months  from then until the beginning of main harvest.