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Wine Diary

Cold and warm

March 30, 2023

Many clouds are passing over the Kamptal, yet they leave us with little rain! Weather is cold and changeable, slowing down vegetation a bit and delaying sprouting like last year, maybe again reducing the risk of early frost damage. Almost all young buds are still hiding in their cocoons, which might remind us of our warming wool stockings.

The most unstable weather situation is quite a thrill! Double-digit temperature differences from one day (and one federal state) to the other have been experienced in March more than once.

Besides annual repairs, we are mainly occupied with ‘binding’: during pruning our people have chosen the best annual shoots and shortened them to the right length. They are still standing upright and will have to be curved in order to attach the tips to the wires. Thus, all their upcoming new sprouts will equally profit from the plant's energy supply, while growing towards the sun to maintain good spatial distribution.

Along and even within the vineyards, flowering season has already started. Whereas apricot trees will soon finish blossoming, apples, cherries and almonds have just started, and more and more flowers are boldly springing up in meadows and woods! We realize: Easter is not far away!