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Wine Diary

Desired Rain

April 17, 2023

The past rainy weekend has brought sunshine into the hearts of our Kamptal growers! March (above all) did not bring almost any precipitation. However, at present we see enough humidity stored in the soils of our vineyards for the next few weeks. As we know, our vines can take in nutrition only in dissolved form via their roots and their vascular systems. This will guarantee the energy supply during bud break which, due to the cold weather, we may not expect before the end of April.

The long-awaited rain also brought along a short but relaxing work break. Now we continue, clearing the space between the vineyard rows. Every year many hectares are still hewn by hand by our people in order to later facilitate mechanical cultivation. In this context the old Austrian term of Weinhauer (literally translated: ‘wine-hewer’) still makes sense!

More current climate data of Kamptal is available here: