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Wine Diary

Excellent weather to start harvest 2023!

September 11, 2023

High spirits @Bründlmayer today at the beginning of harvest 2023! So far, the weather could not have been much finer. In August we received an important 50mm of rain followed by stable high pressure weather favouring ripeness. Finest grapes for sparkling base wines have already reached the press-house today. The first musts show perfect quality: they are light, still very fresh, though already fine and fruity, with some spice and an overall fascinating purity.

The immense joy about the “fruits” of a long, intensive year of labour, is best to be understood by the people involved. Day by day, they contribute to the success of our wines with their valuable work in the vineyards and in the cellar. For the time of harvest, we traditionally get some reinforcements: This year five young trainees will support our experienced team wherever hands are needed.

From left to right: Pol, Jonka, Lukas, Philipp, Viktor and Katharina

Harvest time is the peak and the most thrilling part of the vintners’ year. Until today, we have avoided significant frosts, hailstorms, drought, heat and illnesses and managed to keep our vineyards healthy and vital. However, harvest in Kamptal lasts for many weeks and we may only hope that nature keeps showing its friendly face…there seems to be another fine vintage literally “hanging out.” Let’s go and get it!