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Wine Diary

A few weeks before harvest!

August 25, 2023

The very warm and mostly dry weather conditions in recent weeks have favourably, but not excessively, accelerated ripeness. At temperatures over 30°C the vine is taking more and more energy for ‘life support,’ which minimizes the energy supply of its canopy and fruit to a kind of ‘stand-by’ mode.

Little showers (2-10 litres in total) mostly falling during the first half of August have proven beneficial. Thus, we have made up some ripening compared to the previous year. However, we do not expect the beginning of harvest for Sekt base wines before the second week of September.

And yet we will get in our first fruit by next week! An initial 100-berries-sample* shows that we will not have to wait much longer for our Verjus** grapes. The juice of early picked green grapes is not only used for seasoning salads and sauces; it also makes a marvellous long drink with fruit(juices) and/or water. For Bründlmayer, Verjus has become even more important as the basic ingredient of our new non-alcoholic, sparkling organic refreshing Grapester!

In the vineyards we continue removing redundant side shoots: this involves a lot of hand work, but it helps to bring more light and air into the canopy, keeping the plant and its fruit healthy in a very gentle and efficient way.


*100-berries-sample means that you randomly take some 100 berries from various vines of one vineyard and analyse their juice in order to get a good picture of the overall ripeness in each parcel

**frz.: ‚ver(t)‘ = green und ‚jus‘ = juice