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Wine Diary

(Full) Harvest Moon

September 28, 2015

A combination of just enough rain at the right time in August and bright sunny summer days in September lead to an explosion of ripeness in Kamptal. Grapes now are fully mature, healthy and incredibly tasty! It’s just like paradise for a grower! Against last week’s forecast, there was hardly any rain going down in and around Langenlois. The weather now is simply perfect: cool yet partly sunny with soft dry winds … we just have to get all this fine fruit into the cellar, parcel by parcel, hoping with good reason that this conditions will last.

The young vineyards are all harvested by now, also Pinot Gris, St. Laurent, Pinot Noir and to our special pleasure…Chardonnay… a jubilee vintage! It was almost 30 years ago when Willi Bründlmayer’s Chardonnay 1985 sensationally won a blind tasting final of the World’s best Chardonnays that took place around Vinitaly in Mauricio Zanella’s Ca’del Bosco winery. Understandable that for this 2015 vintage we have very very high expectations!

Due to the perfect physiological ripeness we may pick a lot earlier than in the years before. Wines shall not get too heavy.
Berries are in best shape. This means that for once we have only very little to clean or to select and we harvest much faster than the years before.

We just have been able to get in the finest red grapes (Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Pinot Noir) since many years! 2015 will among others turn out a great red wine vintage.

A nice kick for the start into this week has been the incredibly bright (Full ) harvest moon. Feels like a catalyst for humans the environment – we take it as a symbol of confidence, that this autumn we may achieve not only just good but exceptional wines full of character!