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Wine Diary

Cool Nights

October 12, 2015

Cool nights around Heiligenstein

After a short rain break on Thursday, we have made good harvesting progress over the weekend. As the stems of most of the grape bunches are lignified, and thus separated from the supply system of the vine, the berries do not receive water from the vine after a rain, so their juice will not be diluted. To dry the exterior, a cool and dry wind is ideal.

Last night brought near freezing temperatures. This will give a final touch to the aroma profile of the Rieslings in the old vineyards of Heiligenstein. We no longer want to risk the health of these outstanding grapes, and maintain balance and elegance in the finished wine. Also damage caused by game would now increase significantly, as almost all of the vineyards in our area have been harvested.

We are also expecting the last Grüners from Berg Vogelsang with ideal ripeness and sugar levels around 94° Öchsle. The wine made from these grapes will taste wonderfully ripe while keeping freshness and lightness for drinking pleasure.

The last red grapes are also coming in: Cabernet franc, an exotic varietal in our area, planted in the hottest spot of the Heiligenstein in the 1980s seems to profit from climate change. In 2012, we made a first cuvée from Cabernet and Merlot coming from two different vineyards, one owned by Willi, the other by Vincent Bründlmayer. “Willi & Vincent” has developed really beautifully so far!

Today’s temporary high-pressure system over central Europe is ideal, but will not last for long. Käferberg, Vincents Spiegel and other sites planted with old Grüner Veltliners can/will have to wait a bit longer. The skins of those venerable Veltliners are thick and robust and will only profit from a few more cool nights.