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Wine Diary

Great Harvest Finale

November 3, 2015

I cannot remember when over the past decades we have had our traditional “end of harvest celebration lunch” before All Saints Day. 2015 was a new experience in many ways: Marvelous grapes, from the beginning of harvest to the end, all ripe and healthy. We had so little work with picking the undesirable berries off the bunches.
Last but not least, some tasty, spicy Grüner Veltliner came in from the very old vineyards and a small amount of great Muskateller with enchanting flavors.
This year we decided to forget about the idea of waiting for a BA, a TBA or an Ice wine. Our sweet wines of the great 2013 vintage are still maturing in the winery. The milder 2015 vintage would have had no chance against those 2013 jewels. To keep the balance, sweetness needs the kind of fresh acidity we would have missed this year.
2015 will be great for its straight dry wines full of wonderfully clear fruit and for its rich, harmonious and just flawless reserves, all still fermenting smoothly in our cellar.