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Wine Diary


May 19, 2022

May has been very friendly to us so far: Marvellous early summer days have been briefly interrupted by several small rain showers, which our soils have gratefully absorbed. At present our vines are enjoying the perfect supply, a fact that is proven by lush green vineyards all around in Kamptal. The young shoots are reaching towards the sun with incredible energy. Some of them have to be removed by hand in order to maintain quality. Fewer grapes will mean better, healthier fruit. Also the shoots shall not shade each other: air and light will help to quickly dry up the young grapes after a rain.

New plantings on Steinberg

“Ried Steinberg” to the west of Langenlois has often proven its worth. In 2020, we harvested our best Chardonnay grapes there, and the resulting wine for the first time carries the name of the site (if only on the back label). Since last week, a new Bründlmayer vineyard can be admired on Steinberg, planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. The high altitude and exposure keeps even thin-skinned grapes healthy and will allow for sufficient freshness even in warmer vintages. In three years we may see the first fruits, yet it will take 15-25 years for this “Ried Steinberg” to show its full potential.

VIEVINUM weekend                                                                                                                                       

This weekend will be entirely dedicated to Austria’s biggest and finest wine fair, VIEVINUM taking place in the historic Emperor’s Castle in Vienna! Right after Pro Wein Düsseldorf, this will be another great opportunity for us to get in contact with outstanding international wine experts and moreover talk to local wine enthusiasts. We recommend this event to everyone who truly loves wine. You may find us in Metternichsaal, table 160!