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Wine Diary

The Days Before Flowering

June 3, 2022

It will take at least another week until flowering will really happen. So far, all vineyards look fit and healthy. We have been spared a late frost and until today no hail damage has been reported around Langenlois (let’s keep our fingers crossed!). After one more series of rain showers, in Kamptal we have obtained a lower long-term average of precipitation, quite fortunate, considering the long dry period during late winter and early spring. Moreover, the rains have been well-distributed statistically. Carefully maintained soils could take in the water sustainably.

As a consequence all forces in the vineyards are quite busy: The high grown green covers are not cut but broken down by a special waltz. Thus, the buckled weeds are no longer competing with the vines for the water while still covering the soil and helping to keep its humidity. Besides organic plant protection, we also have to continue green work. Removing excessive shoots from the vines is part of the laborious daily routine and also means one more step to control yield. All shoots positioned too low on the vine and all neighbouring latent buds also have to be picked and brushed off properly. Not only will this direct the energy flow upwards, it also inhibits the spread of downy mildew (Peronospora) from the soil to the canopy and fruit.