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Wine Diary

In Full Blossom

June 17, 2019

All vineyards around Langenlois are in full blossom. In response to the rains in May, we could virtually feel nature taking a deep breath and then moving forward, bursting with energy. Soon the buds on the bunches developed with a velocity that still surprised us. There is a fine fragrance out in the vineyards, hard to describe. It is more like an atmospheric sensation, intense but not at all heavy. The wonderful weather also speeds up things, it contributes to our good mood, although work between the vines is really demanding now.

Encouraging young vines

Vineyard work is proceeding well. Especially the young vineyards now need utmost care! The green cover is too much competition and the lines have to be weeded. The ground around the still quite feeble stems has to be raked manually, so as not to wound them. Work aims to support the young plant’s development and above all to strengthen the wood and keep it healthy. This also means to avoid all excessive stress throughout the year and so,  most of the clusters will have to be picked off early on.

Green work

We almost finished our second round of green work! Stems have been “cleaned“, meaning freed from unwanted shoots. Now we eliminate excessive foliage mainly around the grape zone, to prepare the space around the fruit and let sufficient amounts of air and light to the future berries. So far, we managed to help our vineyards to a healthy flowering. And the way it looks today, the process will be completed surprisingly soon. From then on we may quite accurately calculate the remaining vegetation period.

Looks all very nice, however, there are still some three months to go, before we hopefully will be harvesting the first fruit. At about the same time we will release our 2018 “Erste Lagen”wines. Until then the excitement will continue to mount, as we know, out in nature anything can happen.