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Wine Diary

After Flowering

July 5, 2019

A relatively early blossoming was completed by mid-June. This means we will have enough warm summer weeks to finally obtain well-matured grapes! Good flowering conditions also promise sufficient fruit. In some vineyards the number of clusters is even too high, and we have to plan green harvest or dividing bunches as an intermediate step in order to reduce quantity.

In some vineyards flowering took place during very hot days, and they suffered moderately from “coulure”, which means that only part of the bunches are actually fertilized. A slight touch then causes the unfertilized blossoms to “trickle” into one’s hand or to the ground. In some years damage from bad flowering can be devastating. This year we only had limited problems, and for quality growers, it might have been even helpful: space between the berries lets air and light to the fruit. Moreover, in these sites we may save some work, like thinning out.

Anyhow, now after blossoming we will have to do more green work, i.e., to partly free the bunches from shading leaves, but still let enough cover to protect them from all too aggressive sunlight during their early stage of development. Just like green tea, which develops its most delicate aromas if growing half-shaded, also those grapes hanging partly shaded will be the finest