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Wine Diary

Oh so sweet!

July 8, 2022

Finally, Honey Again!

Bründlmayer organic honey from Loiserberg enjoys great popularity amongst our team, as well! However, as we truly appreciate our bees’ contribution to pollination and to the preservation of biodiversity, only a small share of the sweet treasure is taken away from them. Moreover, after extraction all the wax is melted, formed into plates, reframed and reinstalled into the beehives as a base for the future combs. Also, the scraped off honeycomb-caps still containing a lot of the “sweet tooth’s delight” will be returned to the bee colonies.

All the more reason to fully appreciate the somewhat 60 kgs of golden viscous honey slowly streaming out of the centrifuge! “Our honey vintage 2022 is truly special due to the abundant vegetation,” says our team “apiculturist” Julia Nastl. “It rained every now and then, and in between there were longer periods of sunshine with best ‘flying weather.’ Our meadows, woods, acacia and fruit trees, the increasing green covers and fallow land gave excellent bee pastures!”

From next week on, we will share our fresh BIO honey with our customers and offer it online under the section “Out of the Vineyards”, as long as stock lasts: first come, first to nibble!