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Wine Diary

Riesling-Rallye’ Accomplished!

October 13, 2023

From Steinberg to Heiligenstein

All Riesling is in the cellar! We have finished harvesting on Langenloiser Steinmassl and on the nearby Steinberg. Yesterday, the last grapes of Zöbinger Heiligenstein arrived, namely those from the centrepiece, bearing the oldest vineyards, some of them planted in 1923, and which almost always need a most careful selection. It has been a true Riesling Rally, with - for obvious reasons - significant quantity losses while quality has exceeded our hopes!

Meanwhile we are also getting more and more beautifully sun-ripened Grüner Veltliners from the many little terraced parcels around town. From the perspective of climate change, this golden October might seem alarming, however, we have to admit that for our harvest in this cool-climate area it has been a blessing! Now in turn, we are rather looking forward to the weather cooling off over the weekend. It will only benefit the aromatics of the still hanging robust grapes in our best Grüner sites such as the Langenloiser Spiegel and the Käferberg, as well as the famous Kammerner Lamm.

Riesling grapes