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Wine Diary

Main Harvest

October 6, 2023

Heiligenstein & Loiserberg

Main harvest is in full swing! We are happy to receive now finest fruit from the best Grüner Veltliner and Riesling sites. A considerable amount of the quantity expected from the famous Zöbinger Heiligenstein has been secured. At the same time, case by case, we are getting splendid Grüner Veltliner from our most westerly, coolest and (with more than 450 m altitude) also highest ‘first growth’ site, the  Langenloiser Loiserberg.

Ideal, sunny and dry early autumn weather has not only enhanced ripeness and aromatic depth, it helped minimizing damages caused by fungus or insects which would have to be partly considered as late effects of the hail. Some single berries of the bunches still reminding of past dangers, have been picked out carefully during hand harvest.

It is refreshing to observe a merry hustle and bustle in our often so sleepy little city! Harvest time has always offered a seasonal focus for tourism, with people mainly visiting from our nearby capital Vienna. However, this unbelievably beautiful, stable weather situation, and probably also the growing appreciation of the Kamptal wines are attracting more and more wine enthusiasts from Austria and from all around the world. Our colleagues Bettina and Brigitta can tell you a thing about this having heroically served their duty over the past week end at the “Weingartenschank” am Weinweg Langenlois! Several times we had to restock their initially well filled bar, with wines and fresh “Sturm” (new partly fermented grape must). Cheers!

Harvest - Ried 'Heiligenstein' (1)
Harvest - Ried 'Heiligenstein' (1)