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Wine Diary

Sunny days & cool nights

September 20, 2019

The whole week over, nature in Kamptal has granted us simply perfect harvest days!

Our wines are often praised as multilayered and aromatic. These qualities are attributed to our special climate conditions, inter alia, strong autumnal temperature shifts, “hot days and cool nights,” which help to profile the many varietal flavors. In this context the current weather conditions could not play better into our hands! Last weekend a small rain front was passing over the area, but the clouds kindly “kept their locks closed” and shed their tears elsewhere. Instead, we started well to a wonderful yet chilly Monday morning, and then finished all Zweigelt for Rosé wines before seriously “tackling the Pinot project.”

By yesterday we had managed to harvest all from "Dechant" vineyard and all of the “Käferberg" except one little “filet piece”, a parcel with Pinot Noir grapes of impressive aromatic fragrance. We intend to expose those fruit to the ideal weather for a few more days. Moreover, all Pinot Gris from “Spiegel" has already been picked. Today, the always a bit fresher Pinot Blanc of this “Erste Lage” shall follow. Chardonnay grapes too are looking intriguingly appealing, like the apples in the old fairy tale of “Mother Hulda”, they seem so keen to be picked, that one might have the impression of hearing them say: “pluck me!”

As it looks, with those great prospects, our weekend will be fully planned!