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Wine Diary

Vintage 2021 – the harvest is done!

November 5, 2021

The last grapes have arrived in the cellar. We happily finished harvest 2021 with some fine Grüner Veltliner!

To think that the year started modestly enough: the weather was rather cool and moody. With the exception of some almost summerly warm days over Easter these conditions lasted far into May, delaying sprouting while also contributing to the fact that the Kamptal did not suffer serious late frost damages. There was not an abundance of rain at first, however, until Pentecost there was enough to secure a constant water supply to the vines. Consequently we saw a late but beautiful and short flowering. And we were very lucky to have been largely spared the hail storms that hit Austria.

Only by mid-September, just before another delayed start of harvest (remembering 2020), several marvellous late summer days revived our hopes for a good vintage. Then the weather held for more than six weeks of patient picking, with the exception of two days with minor rainfall. This allowed us to lay the foundation for a solid result. From mid-October on, the “Foehn” (warm winds from the south) provided an ultimate push towards ripeness and led our harvest team into a “golden finale.”

Therefore, even in this late year, we might expect our first '21 wines before the end of December! Musts do not only reveal stupendous analytic parameters, they also taste incredibly fresh, pure, highly aromatic, and multi-layered while showing even more profoundness than the charming 2020s. There is no doubt that we @Bründlmayer might expect great things from vintage 2021!

After a turbulent year our team can be really proud! So, we are looking forward to our traditional “end of harvest-lunch” at the Heurigenhof next week where we will enjoy samples of our first young wines and just having a good time!