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Wine Diary

After Harvest is before Harvest

December 16, 2021

Winter Seed:

Following the cycle of the seasons a new vintage year starts before the end of the calendar year, actually even before the end of harvest. Important preparations for the following year such as the fall sowing can be taken on as soon as the skilled workforce is dispensable.

For this we have prepared a special seed blend: coarse grained seeds such as winter peas, vetches or sunflowers will be worked deeper into the soil, whereas small grains like turnip, rape, phacelia, marigold, gold of pleasure, clover and so on will be sown closer to the surface. Thus, we will get a protective green cover in early spring and literally prepare the ground for the wine. A good root penetration prevents erosion while loosening the soil and finally may contribute to a better water and nutrient supply. Soil life is promoted and our bees as well as many other beneficent insects will have an early pasture.