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Wine Diary

Weather and Growth

July 1, 2021

The first half of 2021 was kind of an emotional rally with multiple stages: a frighteningly cool Spring was followed by a truly hot June. Thunderstorms and hail swept over the northern pre-alpine area; in Kamptal we were fortunate to get away with almost no harm done. Long dry periods had luckily already been alleviated by a series of little rain showers before the hot and partly “stormy” June.

For now the weather has calmed down and the coming “well-tempered” days will be a treat for both vineyards and vintners. Initial conclusion: there is enough light, water, warmth and healthy soils to boost vegetative growth. We already have partially made up the deficit from Spring. Flowering will soon come to an end and berries are growing rapidly. Also more green work like cleaning stems will be on the agenda.

In the cellar, the whole week will be dedicated to filling 2021 cuvées of Bründlmayer Brut & Co. Here, too, we need the full concentration of our team.
Sunrise at the wineyard, a photo taken by Christoph Nastl on 30th June 2021.