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Ried Spiegel (Langenlois) Grüner Veltliner Beerenauslese


Pale yellow straw hue with green and gold reflections. Clean & youthful with still-restrained exotic fruit and spice notes. Complex on the palate. The high residual sweetness is perfectly balanced by crisp but elegant acidity; flowery (reminiscent of a meadow with a whiff of elderflower); also apple, pear, lime and some preserved stone fruit tones; a touch of vanilla and herbal spice. Very elegant with a long and minerally finish.

The vineyards occupy an elongate ridge in the south of Langenlois. The deep, calcareous soils here are derived from a thick underlying lyer of loess with a balanced mineral composition. The name of the vineyard “Spiegel“ (which translates as “mirror”) is said to derive from the Latin “spectaculum”(“view point”). 

The height and exposure of the vineyard allow for perfect aeration and, with that, a later harvest with both physiological ripeness and freshness of clean fruit. It is very rare for noble rot to occur on the grapes.

Grape variety
Grüner Veltliner
Vine training system
Date of harvest
November 20, 2013
Alcohol content
Bottle closure type
Natural cork
Drinking temperature
10 – 12°


Vinara Trophy 2024
A LA CARTE Guide 2017

Site and climate

Ried Spiegel (Langenlois)

103 ha
260 – 270 m
1 °

The name of the vineyard „Spiegel“ (mirror) is said to derive from Latin “spectaculum” (“look-out”). In the ancient times of the “Limes”, the Romans probably used the spot to observe the Germanic tribes to the north of the Danube. However, still up to now most of the folks think that the name is linked to the convex vaulting of the 300 meter hill, a kind of “mirror” to the sky.

The 2013 vintage
The long winter and rainy spring provided optimal soil moisture for the 2013 vintage, ensuring freshness and flavour, while the sunny, warm summer provided ripeness and sweetness. A beautiful beginning of September with warm days and cool nights shaped the typical fruit aromas - and lured us into the vineyards to harvest the first grapes so perfect for the base wine for Sekt (sparkling wine). This was thrilling, especially because in the very warm 2011 and 2012 vintages, only a small share of grapes were suitable for the highest quality Sekt. Afterwards, the weather conditions from the West created a "stop and go" mode, which, needless to...


In 2013, Vincent made a first selection of only healthy grapes for his Vincent Spiegel dry Grüner. The remaining grapes, showing just the first signs of botrytis, were left hanging on the vines in the hope of acquiring more concentration by the precious fungus. These were harvested finally in December 2013 and were fermented partly in steel tank.

Food pairing recommendation

In its youth, it matches finely with fruity desserts or/and (fortune) cookies or can be enjoyed just after a meal as a refreshing finale. You can even keep the open bottle of this young dessert wine in the refrigerator for more than a week and it will even gain in complexity. Laying down a closed bottle in a good cellar can see this wine maturing even for decades. It certainly makes a fine gift for a knowledgeable wine loving friend.