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Wine Diary

Harvest Time 2019

August 30, 2019

Very early, and yet a good week later than 2018, we start into harvest 2019! All the many tasks, the often heavy, yet also fulfilling work of a vintner’s year now finally bear fruit!

Today, on Ried Ladner we picked the first grapes for our Sekt base wines, which showed ideal ripeness: neither too sweet - we aim at a light fine ‘Sekt’ – nor too ‘green’ as we would like to impart fruit, structure and spice via the presses to the must. Just as with St. Laurent on Ladner, there are also some Zweigelt sites, which look perfectly ready for harvesting. Their vines were pruned specifically for sparkling production. The weather seems to stay warm over the weekend. However, we could easily manage with a bit of rain next week, when it is forecast to further cool down. Then we should already have a closer look onto our Burgundy varietals as ripeness is progressing generally well.

Our four trainees arrived last week and already helped to give the cellar a final polish. They cleaned all harvest boxes and the well-serviced presses meticulously whilst they have acquainted themselves with the place and the people, with whom they are supposed to team up for the next laborious months. All the best and a good time to everybody, despite the hard days to come.