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Wine Diary

Full Moon – Time for Pinot Noir

October 2, 2020

After a full moon, it’s now time to pick our finest Pinot Noir grapes! We have started working on Lyra trellised ‘Käferberg’ and later will switch over to ‘Dechant’. The highest accuracy is required: overall ripeness is perfect, and the sight of these previously separated and thus freely hanging well-aerated fruit makes every grower’s heart beat faster! However, with respect to the 2020 weather conditions, all our experienced pickers were ordered to work selectively with the utmost care: an early hailstorm in June had touched the area just before the berries took in juice. At this early stage it should not have posed any danger to the quality, however, our people are checking every single bunch for the slightest impurities.

Since 2015 we have not made a St. Laurent. Well, in 2020 we took heart and prepared the best St Laurent vineyards, to attain an elegant, pinot style red wine. This Sankt Laurent is already resting in a used wooden fermentation vat. Most of it has been destemmed, but there is also a small part of whole clusters at play. We are looking forward to tasting the result!

The main share of our red grapes (30% in total) is well-suited for our Rosé, Brut Rosé and classic Zweigelt. Only in special years do we make a St Laurent or even Pinot Reserves, as those prestigious cuvées will have to be at par with our best Grüner, Riesling and sparkling wines. Recent international acclaim, as for the Pinot Noir Reserve 2016 is a great motivation to our team!