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Wine Diary

Sunny Spell Sunday

September 28, 2020

A rare weather situation offered us a great Sunday harvest! Austria found itself situated right in the sunny eye of a big low-pressure vortex. Precious time given to get in red grapes for our acclaimed rosé and for lighter Grüner Veltliner. The day started pretty chilly at around 6°C, but soon a sunny blue sky was contributing to ideal harvest conditions. In the evening the sun window was closing again slowly. So, we decided to use Monday for a bit more rest and for some cellar work, i.e., controlling all fermenting musts and getting everything squeaky clean around the presses, in order to be prepared for the next round.

The weather forecast promises stable conditions and so we look forward to another sunny week to come! “Ripeness and aromatic expression may receive a true boost as our vines still beam of energy,” Willi Bründlmayer says. “Since 1980, I cannot remember any year, when the vineyards would have been as fresh and green in October as this year!”