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Wine Diary

Harvest Ends Right Before our National Holiday!

November 3, 2022

On the 25th of October, right before Austria’s national holiday, we finished harvest 2022 with an aromatic Grüner Veltliner for our ‘Langenloiser Alte Reben’ 1er Crus cuvée!

Before last weekend we had still been harvesting in the ‘Käferberg’ vineyard with utmost concentration. Following the taste and must weight of the perfectly ripe grapes, we anticipate elegant and balanced wines. In addition, from a general point of view, we are very happy with the results. For this we have to express our sincere thanks to all our cellar and vineyard teams! Their patience and persistence, their flexibility and strategic skill allowed an entirely satisfying, classic vintage in 2022, a wine year that has remained challenging until the end.

We will adequately celebrate the end of harvest, immediately following the youngest of all our young wines being taken care of in the cellar. Then, it will also be time to resume and get a preview of vintage 2022.

Out in the vineyards, soon all vines will go to rest, but not the vintners because after all, we know: after harvest (2022) is before harvest (2023)!